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Paintless dent repair became quite popular in the 80s. It was a technique that involved removing dents without damaging the car’s factory paint job. Today, many car workshops have jumped on the bandwagon because it is an affordable way to get your car repaired before spending thousands of dollars on a paint job.

San Clemente paintless dent removal has its advantages, such as it saves money and time, causes no vehicle depreciation, and is environmentally friendly. PCH Orange County Dent Repairs does not use chemicals in its repairs that might damage the environment. The good news is that insurance companies recommend and recognize that paintless dent removal is a great method to repair minor and major dents and dings.

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Our paintless dent repair in San Clemente is available for all types of vehicles. No matter how big or deep the dent, our technicians can fix it. They are experts at what they do, and with more than 12 years of experience under their belt, they have fixed countless dents.

How We Do It

Repairing Dents Using Modern Techniques

Even a small bump can do quite the damage to your car. A dent mars your vehicle’s beauty and decreases its value. We have the speed and skills to do paintless dent repair in San Clemente, which includes solutions for:

Fast Turnaround Time

For minor dents, we access the problem from behind the panel and gently massage them out. Our technicians use special tools to minimize any further damage, such as scratches on the body and the appearance of creases. For major dents, we use the glue method to pull them out. Our technicians apply an adhesive on the dent site and use an anchor to ease out the dent gently. This method ensures that we restore your car’s surface to its original smooth beauty.

Suppose you don’t have the time to schedule an appointment for San Clemente paintless dent removal with us in person, no worries! You don’t even need to leave your car at our workshop. Just give us a call, get a free quote, and we will come to your place to do the repairs.

We Deal With Dents and Dings Anywhere, Anytime

A Promise of Affordable and Satisfactory Help

Our mobile paintless dent removal San Clemente services aim to remove dents caused by hail damage, traffic bumps, and accidental crashes in the parking lot. You will be glad to hear that we offer curbside assistance, as well as repair services at your doorstep.

All we need from you is a few pictures of the dent, and we will provide detailed information that will include a free quote and whether we can fully repair the dent or not. Not all dents are the same, and some leave a scar behind. As long as the dent is the size of a quarter and we have easy access to it, we can repair it in just a few hours.

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